WebNext System (Modem Cloud)

WebNext System (Modem Cloud)

SensiNext’s WebNext – an M2M (Machine-to-Machine) synem, an integrated software and hardware intelligent platform is an ideal solution for Utilities, Homeland security, Enterprises with distribution sites in wide areas. It is Sub Critical lnfranructures, Manufacturing plants, and other users and more. 

• Point-to-Mut ipoint system
• Cost-Effective solution
• Re iable secure and robust radio ink
• Web ext is located on the “cloud”.
• Easy Software to configure

The system includes Remote Control and Monitoring Software, located on 11cloud11, as well as sensors with Analogue Inputs (4·20mA) and Digital Inputs/ Output. This is a Point-to-Mui ipoint system using standardized GPRS modem, Wireless Digital Data Transmission and Internet technology. The system can man age multiple remote sensors in several locations, enabling them to interact with IT systems of organ i2ations with out human intervention. 

 General Discription

The EZ8 enables to connect various types of sensors that are located in remote sites (each EZ8 has to be installed in the specific remote site at a distance of 10’s meters from the sensors), to the SCADA software (located in the “cloud”) via the Cellular GPRS network. 

SIM Interface

e SIM interface is intended for 3V SIM cards. The card holder is a five wire interface according to GSM 11.11. A sixth pin has been added to detect whether or not the SIM card drawer is inserted. Removing and inserting the SIM card during operation may require the software to be reinitialized. Therefore, after reinserting the SIM card the modem will detect it automatically, but it may be necessary to restart EZ8 Terminal. 

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