Clean Rooms – semiconductor factories

Industrial wireless monitoring in clean rooms

*SmartNext solution

In many semiconductor factories, pressure is needed to be measure 24/7 in order to keep positive/negative pressure to keep the clean rooms in right conditions.

Wiring those factories is not easy and cost a lot of money, same as hiring a person to monitor these parameters in the field.

One of the leading semiconductor company in the world approached us to find a solution for them, and with SmartNext system we succeed doing it.

The problem  – In each factory there are about 200 points of pressure that need to be measured, all the data need to be collected in the same SCADA software and wiring is not possible.

The solution – We installed pressure transducers with 4-20mA output and connected them to wireless transmitters, battery powered (SM420), the transmitters  send the signal to 7 control panels (SMC), each control panel was connected to the Ethernet network by MODBUS TCP/IP and the client used his own MODBUS SCADA software.

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