Spinning Industrial Drums

Spinning Industrial Drums

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In Cylindrical spinning industrial drums, sludge wastewater grade B are entering.

Inside, the cylinder rotates and thermal biological reaction takes place.

Sludge obtained Grade A compost used.

Measuring the temperature inside these cylindrical spinning drums, is very difficult in a traditional manner.

Requirement: The recycling company had to monitor the temperature of the sludge waste water in its cylindrical spinning drums.

Solution: We installed RTD Wireless Transducers (SM-100) with temperature (Pt100) sensors on the cylindrical spinning tanks. As there is no need for wiring for power or signal to the wireless transmitter, it can spin together with the drum without any problem.

The wireless sensors were connected to the Control Panel in the Control Room.

The control panel was connected to the customer PLC with RS-485 interface.

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