SmartNext System (RF Based)

SmartNext System (RF Based)

Breakthrough Technology for Industrial Monitoring & Control.

SmartNext system uses state-of-the-art wireless technology to provide industrial measurement and monitoring solutions with the highest reliability and efficiency.

  • True Plug-n-Play installation
  • Standard inputs: 4-20mA, PT100, 0-10V, digital
  • Complete remote configuration
  • Full two-way, time-synchronized network
  • Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology – provides military-grade robustness and reliability
  • Long battery life – over 2 years for sensor readings every minute
  • Long communication range – 800line-of-sight
  • High-speed remote interrogation and control of wireless sensors

True Plug-n-Play simple installation

  • Small device, easily mounted and connected to a variety of industrial sensors: resistance (RTD), current (4-20 mA), voltage (0-2V) and switch status
  • Special enrollment button on each device simplifies installation and registers the device to the network in seconds
  • Visible signal quality indication shown on the device -enables the installer to quickly optimize the device location without walking to the control panel
  • All devices are set with typical sensor defaults and are also configurable from the panel
  • Powerful diagnostic tool indicates RF link quality, based on the previous 24 hours’ statistics and
    on-demand bi-directional measurements, and also detects and displays problems in link
  • Quick to configure standard Modbus interface from the control panel to host SCADA and HMI devices and systems

Reliable, secure and robust radio link

  • Two-way communication ensures that each message from the sensor reaches the control panel
  • Multiple frequency channels using Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum military-grade technology overcome interference and enable multiple networks to operate in the same area without disturbing each other
  • Devices find the optimal route to the control panel using available repeaters as needed
  • Communication is secured by the proven AES-128 encryption algorithm to protect against intrusion and incorrect/corrupt data

High performance, energy efficient system

  • Two-way synchronized spread spectrum communication avoids unnecessary re-transmissions
  • Long communication range reduces the number of repeaters and control panels needed
  • Adaptive transmission power saves energy by using less signal power when it is sufficient
  • Ultra-low power consumption enables years of operation without sacrificing speed and response time of monitoring and control

Inputs: 4-20mA, PT100, 0-2V, digital
RF signal: Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum, GFSK
Frequency band: 433 MHz, 868 MHz, 915 MHz (other bands available)
Typical range, indoor: 50m to 100m
Control panel interface: Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP Encryption: AES-128
Output power: Automatically adjusted, up to 10 mW ERP Transmit interval: From 1 sec, remotely configurable Number of sensors: 30 per each control panel
Power source – wireless sensors:
2x CR123A Lithium battery
Power source – control panel, repeater: 220V/110V AC Backup power – control panel, repeater: 4.8V NiMH battery

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