Hub – MODBUS TCP, but if another protocol will fit more can also consider it.
Transmitter – Sensor accuracy is plus / minus 0.2 (temperature) and plus / minus 2% (humidity). The devices work in the field minus twenty to seventy degrees. Ie, suitable for refrigerators, warehouses, laboratories, etc.
The system was designed to be a monitoring system –
1. Each hub supports 250 devices. Each device contains one decomposition sensor.
2. The sensor can be replaced periodically (once a year), no calibration required.
3. The date of change is recorded in the system and also on the sensor itself, so it is not possible to assemble a sensor that is not new or not original.
5. Each device is opened or moved.
6. The sensor itself comes in sealed packaging. The date of production is also embedded electronically within the sensor itself and also on the packaging.
7. The device is designed to operate an external relay, both remotely and even when the conditions are defined in advance.
8. Battery life is about five years.

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