Nano series

Nano series


Using the TCP / IP protocol, the module has the ability to send information about the input status to another module or to the server. Thanks to this, another device can react, for example, by activating a relay.

Moreover, if the MQTT Inveo service has been activated, the module sends to the server the input status every 1 minute and every time it is changed. Data downloaded from the server can be used in client own application.

Technical data

Supported protocols:

  • HTTP (GET)
  • SNMP (Trap)
  • Modbus TCP
  • TCP (shared protocol)
  • MQTT Inveo

Power supply:

  • 10-24VDC or PoE IEEE 802.3af
  • Power consumption: max 1,5W


  • LAN – LAN connection and PoE IEEE 802.3af power supply
  • RESET – a button designed to enable DHCP, check the current IP address and restore factory settings
  • INPUT – NO input
  • POWER – an additional power connector used in the event of a PoE power failure. Supply voltage 12-24VD


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