CR 06


It is dotting style of 6 – channel chart recorder, universal input, low cost, short depth 150mm, light weight 1.5 kgs and IP65 water-resistance.

As a professional and experienced manufacturer, we supply high-performance and quality paperless recorders, video graphic recorders,

paperless chart recorders, chart recorders, and temperature chart recorders.

The CR06 model hybrid recorder offered by Brainchild is a top quality 6-channel dotting chart recorder designed for maximum

flexibility in use, and a long life. This recorder provide 6-color printing and universal temperature & process inputs.

It combines the features of traditional analog chart recorders, the powers of digital data printing, and is configurable for more than 20 input types

. For permanent recording of parameters, for statutory compliance or quality control, the CR06 will provide a low cost and convenient solution.

Standard RS232 port & IP65 front cover. Consumables are economical and easy to install

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