Green house – Agriculture *NextAlert Solution A greenhouse is a structure with walls and roof made chiefly of transparent material, such as

Industrial Kitchens  *NextAlert Solutions Restaurants managers and Chefs usually take care for food costs, food tastes and efficiency in the kitchen,

Server Rooms *NextAlert solution A server room is a room, usually air-conditioned, devoted to the continuous operation of computer servers.

Level Tanks Detection *WebNext solution Diesel/Oil tanks are the most vulnerable points in many factories. A lot of thieves are

Food storage / Warehouses monitoring *SmartNext solutions   In food Logistic warehouses it is required to keep the goods in

Spinning Industrial Drums *SmartNext Solution In Cylindrical spinning industrial drums, sludge wastewater grade B are entering. Inside, the cylinder rotates

Moving elements measuring *SmartNext Solution Many times in factories, there are separated and far places that needed to be measure

Industrial wireless monitoring in clean rooms *SmartNext solution In many semiconductor factories, pressure is needed to be measure 24/7 in

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