SensiNext is the innovative brand of Elcon mamab – the Israeli leading manufacturer of control and measurement instruments for the process industry.

Elcon was founded in 1968 by Moshe Brandwine, as a workshop manufacturers of temperature elements and thermostatic valves.

By the years Elcon has started manufacturing heaters, diaphragm seals for pressure gauges and sensors, level meters and more, and promote the most successfull instrumentation companies in the local market.

With expirience  of more then 50 years in the market, Elcon developed its own Innovative private brand for wireless system and other monitoring advances solution under one the name of SensiNext.

With Sensinext we can offer wide solutions that in few years ago you could only have dreamed of – 

  • Industrial wireless monitoring system – operated by RF process sensors, battery powered.
  • Cloud data acquisition system for the process industry
  • SMS modem alerts for various process sensors
  • GSM/WIFI controllers
  • Recorders with touch screen
  • Multi channel loggers
  • Portable devices

and more… 

Contact us if you have any requirement, we would be happy to asist you.



Mr. Giora Brandwine

Sales Manager

Ofer Gilan

Technical Manager

Ilya Shtadlin

Buisness Development

Tal Dolev

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