Temp-Zone Control

Mostly in research institutes, there could be a research that has been managed for many years.

An unreported error/fail could cause a lot of damage that can’t be estimated in terms of money and costs.

The control room wants to get live data but also wants to ensure that in case of error/fail there will be as options as possible to get over the problem.

The requirements: Live data to control room, alerts to control room, localy red light and buzzer in case of error.

We planned a board with 60 local controllers, each controller has PT100 input, 2 realys outputs and MODBUS output.

All the controllers were connected to PC panel touch screen in the front of the board included SCADA software that were desined up to the customer request.

The PC was connected with Ethernet and communicate with the main insitute software by MODBUS.

The result: both the control room and researchers could see live data, alerts were recieved in the main insitute software, and in case of error there was a buzzer and a red light turned on.




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