SmartNext RealWeb

The SmartNext RealWEB includes the basic devices of SmartNext Basic – the Control Panel, the Repeater, the various types of the Wireless Transducers (RTD Pt100, 4-20mA Passive, 0-2V Active and Digital On/Off) with an HMI software (NextView RealWEB) that is located on the “cloud”. The SmartNext system is connected to the internet via an external GPRS adapter.

  • Real Plug-n-Play installation
  • Simple and consistent user interfaces
  • Reliable secure and robust radio link
  • RealWEB is located on the “Cloud”.
  • A full-featured graphic HMI

This software has the following features:

A full-featured graphic HMI application. It is including development and run-time environments. SmartNext RealWEB can display hundreds of nodes values on different graphic displays, real time alarms, alarms history, trends and variables history. The SmartNext’ RealWEB is located on the “Cloud”.


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