SensiNext’s WebNext

SensiNext’s WebNext – an M2M (Machine-to-Machine) system, is integrated software and hardware intelligent platform is an ideal solution for Utilities, Homeland security, Enterprises with distributed sites in wide areas, or owning Sub Critical Infrastructures, Manufacturing plants, and other various users.

  • Point-to-Multipoint system
  • Cost-Effective solution
  • Reliable secure and robust radio link
  • WebNext is located on the “Cloud”.
  • A full-featured graphic HMI

The system includes a remote control and monitoring software that is located on the “cloud”, the Sensors – digital with On/Off outputs and 4~20mA transmitters and a GPRS based Wireless concentrator device that supports of 4~20mA (analog input) and 4 digital (On/Off) input.
This is a Point-to-Multipoint system that uses standardized building blocks, Wireless Digital Data Transmission and Internet
technology to manage multiple remote sensors in several remote locations enabling them to interact with IT systems of organizations or companies without human intervention.

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