What is SmartNext Basic

What is SmartNext Basic?

SmartNext is the new SensiNext’s industrial radio wireless system using state-of-the-art wireless technology
(Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) to provide industrial monitoring and control solutions with the highest reliability and efficiency.
The system operates in Star Topology providing full monitoring and solution from Wireless Sensor Transceivers, through the wireless network coordinator

(Control Panel) to the data acquisition software in Control Room.

Real Plug-n-Play installation

• Easy installation

• Reliable secured and robust radio link

• Frequency Band: 433 MHz, 868MHz, 915 MHz

• High performance, energy efficient system

SmartNext Basic system includes Control Panel (with Modbus RS-485 / TCP-IP, Repeater, Wireless Transducers with Enroll / Test button for quality of link). Each transducer has a led with
few colors that shows the quality of the link.

Configuration is done via the keyboard on the Control Panel (no need for special software to configure the system).

The Control Panel has lighted screen.
The wireless transducers configuration is realized 4 basic steps.
The structure of the Wireless Transducers allows to integrate most sensors in the market.


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