About SensiNext

SensiNext™ is a leading manufacturer of innovative and revolutionary smart industrial wireless sensing products reducing the measuring, transmission and monitoring Read More

SensiNext’s WebNext

SensiNext’s WebNext – an M2M (Machine-to-Machine) system, is integrated software and hardware intelligent platform is an ideal solution for Utilities, Read More

What is SmartNext Basic

What is SmartNext Basic? SmartNext is the new SensiNext’s industrial radio wireless system using state-of-the-art wireless technology (Frequency Hopping Spread Read More

Sensi-Family AN

The Sensi-Family Analogue includes various sensors with analogue (4~20mA) input – Pressure, Level, Humidity, Temperature and temperature sensors, as well Read More

SmartNext RealWeb

The SmartNext RealWEB includes the basic devices of SmartNext Basic – the Control Panel, the Repeater, the various types of Read More

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