Industrial Wireless Sensor Network

SensiNext system uses state-of-the-art wireless technology to
provide industrial measurement and monitoring solutions with
the highest reliability and efficiency.

Control & Measurement Solutions

Tailor made solutions for the process manufacturing:
Chemical, Plastic, Food & Beverages, Heavyduty, Research institute and much more.

Manufacturing on Demand (MOD)

Flexible production approach - 80% of our sales are for specific required instrumetns:
Temperature, pressure, flow, level and humidity sensors.

Sensinext - Wireless Sensors

SmartNext Ⅱ ™ is the most advanced industrial wireless sensors connectivity system in today’s market.
Utilizes state-of-art RF technology and robust communication elements, to meet the highest industry standards.
The system is ready to work with any standard sensor

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Sensor+Test 2019   SensiNext – Innovation By Elcon world of wireless Visit us at...
PowerNext Hub - MODBUS TCP, but if another protocol will fit...
New Radar Level Meter Radar level transmitter is available in a wide variety of...


Clean Rooms

Monitoring and dara acquisition are very important in order to learn the process and improve it. In one of the biggest semiconductor...
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Moving elements measuring

There are many production lines involve moving elements like wagons or furnaces that are very complicated to be measured with wires. These...
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Temp-Zone Control

Mostly in research institutes, there could be a research that has been managed for many years. An unreported error/fail could cause a lot...
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